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Discover new podcasts, skip to exciting chapters, and read quick summaries with GoodListen. This AI-driven audio comprehension app is perfect for podcast creators and listeners. Try it now!

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What is GoodListen?

GoodListen is an AI-powered podcast platform designed to enhance search engine optimization (SEO). It enables users to effortlessly explore, listen to, and share podcast clips and episodes. Leveraging its cutting-edge AI search technology, GoodListen empowers users to easily discover the precise content they desire within podcasts.



Pros VS Cons

GoodListen offers a wide range of podcast categories, promoting personal growth and mental wellness, with a focus on financial education, and providing opportunities for engagement and discovery of podcast clips.
GoodListen lacks offline functionality, personalized recommendations, a mobile app, episode bookmarking, user profile creation, support for multiple languages, audio speed control, and community engagement features.

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GoodListen Use Cases

Speed up your podcast production using AI and promote your show with ready to use highlights and clips.

Upload your audio and we’ll do the rest.

Utilizing our AI model, we've honed the art of identifying precisely what makes content engaging. Our ever-evolving model crafts a personalized selection of highlights that you can leverage to promote each episode effectively.

Save valuable time in post-production by letting GoodListen generate chapters and clips for each episode. Enable your listeners to discover and navigate your content better.

Accelerate your script editing with AI-generated titles, summaries and tags for every episode, chapter and clip.

Download highlights, summaries, chapters, clips and transcript. Export YouTube and Spotify chapter script. Share with the world!

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