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Gorilla Terminal

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Discover Gorilla Terminal, the ultimate AI-first investment research platform. Unleash powerful quant techniques, leverage macro data, and effortlessly manage risk in a single place. Elevate your investment game now!

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What is Gorilla Terminal?

An AI-driven investment research platform that combines robust quantitative techniques, comprehensive macro data, and risk management tools into a unified solution.



Pros VS Cons

Gorilla Terminal offers a wide range of features including fast investment analysis, real-time news updates, and detailed industry analysis, providing users with a comprehensive tool for financial research.
However, the platform lacks a mobile app, a free trial, and clear pricing, and also has limitations such as no backtesting capabilities and a non-customizable dashboard.

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Gorilla Terminal FQA

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Gorilla Terminal Use Cases

Investment Research 10x Faster

Analyse Earnings call with AI

Macro-economic data

Powerful Intuitive Dashboard

Risk Management

Supply Chain Analysis

Regression Analysis

Value at Risk Analysis

Sector Overview

Terminal Interface

Latest News

Financial Statements

Intuitive Design

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