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GPT-4 for HelpScout

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Enhance customer support with GPT-4 for HelpScout. AI-powered SupportAgent.ai drafts efficient replies, leveraging past emails as a knowledge base. Boost productivity now!

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What is GPT-4 for HelpScout?

SupportAgent.ai is an AI-powered customer service agent designed specifically for HelpScout. By integrating your account with SupportAgent.ai, you can benefit from its ability to generate draft replies for your support tickets. Leveraging the knowledge base created from previous emails, SupportAgent.ai ensures efficient and accurate responses to customer inquiries.



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GPT-4 for HelpScout Use Cases

SupportAgent learns from your previous replies and help docs to automatically draft responses.

Get a head start on your support conversations by automatically generating draft replies as soon as you receive a new message.

SupportAgent learns from every new conversation or help article to improve its replies.

If you use tags to categorize your products in your mailbox, SupportAgent can filter by tags to ensure that the right answers are given to the right customers.

Increase your support team's efficiency with SupportAgent.

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