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Experience seamless screen sharing and issue resolution with Cohere. Maximize revenue, foster customer loyalty, and simplify setup with our powerful user screen control. Try it now!

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What is Cohere?

Cohere is an innovative conversational AI platform that specializes in customer support solutions. Its primary objective is to enhance the efficiency of customer support teams by enabling them to address tickets more swiftly and effectively, ultimately leading to reduced costs. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Cohere has the ability to retrieve relevant information from past tickets, allowing for immediate resolution of customer inquiries.



Pros VS Cons

Cohere offers an easy-to-use API with advanced language models, NLP tools, content generation capabilities, and excellent customer support, along with multiple hosting options and strong data security measures.
However, it lacks offline mode, has limited language support, requires technical expertise for customization, and the frequent updates may cause instability, while also lacking integration with popular CMS and support for multi-modal inputs.

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Cohere FQA

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Cohere Use Cases

Cohere helps CX teams resolve tickets faster while reducing costs, resulting in happier agents and satisfied customers.

Cohere helps you guide users through resolutions step-by-step, and even perform actions on their behalf.

Cohere instantly turns support articles and past conversations into personalized answers and accurate resolutions in a single click.

Cohere identifies potential issues and content gaps with advanced analytics, and resolves them in just a few clicks.

Cohere extracts knowledge with the latest advances in large language models, ensuring that customers get accurate answers all the time.

Cohere uses generative AI to extract answers from agent responses and automatically replies whenever the same question is asked again, resulting in automation that gets smarter over time.

With Cohere, Ramp automated 60% of tickets and saw a 5x ROI.

With Cohere, Loom doubled their self-serve resolutions to 51%.

With Cohere, Rippling went live in days and increased deflection by 50%.

With Cohere, OpenPhone launched personalized support across web and mobile.

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