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Create concise, powerful copy effortlessly with GPTrim's AI tool. Remove unnecessary words, spaces, and punctuation for compelling, attention-grabbing text in just a few clicks.

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What is GPTrim?

GPTrim is an advanced AI tool designed to simplify the process of generating concise and meaningful text. By eliminating redundant words and characters, GPTrim effectively compresses text while preserving its core message. This user-friendly tool enables users to effortlessly remove spaces, stopwords, and punctuation, making it a perfect solution for crafting succinct copy. Moreover, GPTrim incorporates a stemmer feature to further enhance compression, albeit potentially resulting in minor information loss. With GPTrim, users can effortlessly produce concise and impactful copy that is bound to captivate any reader.



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GPTrim Use Cases

Save Tokens Save Characters

Stemmer: None Snowball (recommended) Lancaster (aggressive)

Select a stemmer to increase compression (might lose more information)

Remove spaces (saves characters, might increase tokens)

Remove stopwords

Remove punctuation

Input Text:

Trim it!

Trimmed Text:

| Before | After | Saved %---|---|---|---Tokens | 0 | 0 | 0%Characters | 0 | 0 | 0%

GuideYou can use gptrim to compress your prompts. It works by removing unnecessarywords and characters. The result is a shorter text that still conveys the samemeaning. Find out more in this article: GPT Prompt Compression: Save Tokens,Pay Less And Fit More Data.

DisclaimerThe compression is not perfect. The original meaning can get lost ormisinterpreted. Don't use this for applications where nuance is crucial (e.g.medical diagnosis, law). The tool is provided as is without any guarantees. Iam not liable for any misinterpretations or mistakes that arise from using it.

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