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Learn Prompting - Master the art of communicating with AI. Discover the secrets with our free, open-source course. Start your journey today!

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What is Learn Prompting?

Learn Prompting is an all-encompassing online course designed to educate individuals on prompt engineering, a skill crucial for effective communication with artificial intelligence. With a wide range of content modules available in 9 different languages, this course offers a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, Learn Prompting fosters a vibrant community where learners can connect and engage with fellow participants.



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Learn Prompting Use Cases

Learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to accomplish your goals using our free and open source curriculum, designed for all skill levels!

Join our global community. Elevate your prompting skills. Become part of a worldwide network of learners from various industries, all mastering the skill of effectively engaging with AI using our curriculum

We launched the first ever prompt hacking competition designed to enhance AI safety and education by challenging participants to outsmart large language models from May 5th to June 3rd! The competition featured 10 increasingly difficult levels of prompt hacking defenses and the chance to win over $35,000 in prizes!

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