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Create standout job descriptions quickly and easily with Greenhouse Job Description Builder. Access templates, optimize titles, and attract top talent with expert advice. Customize descriptions to your needs and save time with pre-written sections. Find your perfect hire today.

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What is Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse Job Description Builder is a powerful tool designed to assist employers in crafting standout job descriptions. It simplifies the process of creating compelling descriptions by offering access to a vast collection of templates and industry best practices. Additionally, the tool provides expert guidance on optimizing job titles, utilizing effective language in job ads, and incorporating keywords that attract top talent. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, businesses can easily customize job descriptions to align with their unique needs, while benefiting from pre-written sections that save time and ensure all essential information is included. By utilizing the Greenhouse Job Description Builder, employers can accurately portray their company and effortlessly find the ideal candidate for their job openings.


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Greenhouse Use Cases

Improve the hiring process for everyone

Find and hire the best talent

Reduce bias and improve diversity

Amplify your team’s efficiency and business impact

Measure, iterate and improve your hiring process

Integrate new hires into the team more quickly

Design personal welcome experiences

Apply consistent and fair processes

Keep everything moving forward with automated tasks

Build a foundation for constant improvement

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