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Greip: Fraud Prevention

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Protect your app's financial security with Greip: Fraud Prevention. Our AI-based technology prevents fraud and offers a FREE 15k monthly requests plan. Upgrade for up to 90m requests/mo.

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What is Greip: Fraud Prevention?

Greip is an advanced AI-driven fraud prevention solution designed to enhance the financial security of businesses' applications. With its state-of-the-art AI modules, Greip effectively combats payment fraud and provides a range of services including credit card fraud detection, BIN/IIN lookup, IBAN validation, profanity detection, VPN/proxy detection, IP geolocation, ASN lookup, and country lookup.



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Greip: Fraud Prevention FQA

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  • What is Credit Card Fraud?icon plus
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  • What is Profanity Detection?icon plus
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Greip: Fraud Prevention Use Cases

Detect fraudulent activities in payments — Payment Fraud.

Lookup any debit/credit card and fetch its details.

Validate IBAN and retrieve its information

Detect profanity (negative language) from any text.

Detect VPN/Proxy connections of any IP Address — Identity Theft.

Get the full information of IP Addresses — IP Data.

Lookup any AS Number and get its up-to-date routes.

Get the full information of countries worldwide — Country Data.

"Don't trust user inputs", validate them first.

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