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Discover your perfect hairstyle with HairstyleAI. Our AI technology generates a variety of male and female haircuts to help you find the one that suits you best.

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What is HairstyleAI?

Hairstyle AI is an advanced AI technology that enables users to virtually experiment with various hairstyles and determine the most suitable one. This innovative platform empowers individuals to preview different haircuts before making any physical changes to their appearance.


Price starting at $19

Pros VS Cons

HairstyleAI offers a wide range of customizable and high-quality hairstyles, with secure payment options and a high degree of accuracy, saving time and money by eliminating the need for salon appointments and allowing hairstyle trials.
However, it has limited style customization options, high costs for results, no refund policy, and heavily depends on input photos, with limited storage and selection features.

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HairstyleAI FQA

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HairstyleAI Use Cases

Try new hairstyles with the power of AI

The #1 Virtual AI Hairstyle Try On for Male and Female

HairstyleAI lets you try out new haircuts with AI virtually before getting the real thing cut. Get more confident in your own look and feel like yourself again.

Tens of thousands of people have created their photos with our photography tools. Try your haircuts today.

All photoshoots include 30 unique hairstyles, 4 different poses/haircuts, 120 HD photos

Why choose AI hairstyles? - Indistinguishable from real photos - No need for any haircut - Know what style works on you

Reviews & examples: 155,760 AI hairstyles already created for 1,298 happy customers!

How it works: 1. Upload your selfies, 2. AI-photographer generates hairstyles, 3. Download your favorites

Try a wide variety of haircuts: Blond beach waves, Blond, Short curly, Bald, Ginger, Short, Long, Buzz cut, Slicked back, Mullet, Short shaved, Auburn, Dreadlocks, Ponytail, Man bun, Long curly, Long straight, Dark brown, Grey, Cornrow, Platinum blond, Undercut, Long surfer, White, Asymmetric, Shoulder, Comb over, Pompadour, Faux hawk, Auburn, Pink, Medium curly, Blow out, Wavy cut, Pixie cut, Low fade, Parted, Bob, Wavy, Highlights, Bangs, Braids, Messy bun, Sleek straight, High ponytail, Dutch braid, Pigtails, Full beard, Goatie

Pricing: See which hairstyles work for you, without cutting your hair. HairstyleAI lets you try on new hairstyles before getting the real thing cut. Get more confident in your own look and feel like yourself again. $9 one-time payment

All photoshoots include 30 unique AI hairstyles, 4 different poses/haircuts, 120 HD photos

Frequently Asked Questions: What do you do with my photos after training?, Who owns the pictures?, What type of photos should I upload?, Where is my data stored?, Can I get a refund?, What photo formats do you accept?, Is payment secure?, Can I get an invoice?, Can I use my photos anywhere?

Get your AI hairstyles: Your hairstyles are just a few clicks away. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get see which hairstyles work best for you.

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