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Streamline web app development with Hasura's open-source platform. Build modern, reliable, and scalable applications effortlessly. Focus on logic, not infrastructure. Monitor performance, debug efficiently, and ensure security with Hasura.

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What is Hasura?

Hasura is an open-source platform that streamlines the development and management of web applications. It combines development, testing, and deployment into a single platform, enabling developers to effortlessly create modern, reliable, and scalable applications. With a comprehensive suite of tools, Hasura optimizes the workflow of web app development by eliminating the need for infrastructure setup and management. This allows developers to focus solely on the application logic while the platform handles the rest. Additionally, Hasura offers robust monitoring and logging capabilities, facilitating performance tracking and issue resolution for efficient debugging and troubleshooting. With built-in authentication, authorization, and encryption, Hasura ensures a secure environment. Its user-friendly interface and array of powerful features further simplify the development process.


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Hasura FQA

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Hasura Use Cases

Unblock product teams by instantly deploying flexible and secure GraphQL APIs without drowning in microservice complexity.

Build and ship APIs on all your data

Modernize enterprise data access 10x faster

Replace the tangled mess of microservices with a unified data API layer

Automate 80% of the tediousness of building, securing, optimizing, and deploying APIs

Empower developers to effortlessly generate APIs by connecting to existing databases, GraphQL and REST APIs

Fundamentally transform data access and API development

Reduce cost, complexity, and time to market

Build new applications faster using the power of GraphQL and self-serve access to data

Accelerate cloud migration, frontend and backend modernization, and application re-architecture projects

Standardize data access org-wide with a scalable, performant, and secure data API

Join the Hasura Community and connect with like-minded folks, gain valuable insights, and access expert guidance

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