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Meet Holly, the AI-powered virtual recruiter that streamlines your hiring process. Let her vet and engage with candidates effortlessly. Hire smarter with Holly.

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What is Holly?

Holly is an AI-powered virtual recruiter that specializes in automating talent acquisition processes. Its primary functions include candidate discovery and evaluation, communication on behalf of the user, interview scheduling, and continuous learning through feedback analysis.



Pros VS Cons

Holly automates talent acquisition, vets candidates automatically, engages candidates on behalf, continuously learns from feedback, integrates with LinkedIn and Slack, understands deeply technical roles, avoids spam and fake profiles, mimics human recruiter, and provides a cost-effective and time-saving solution for efficient delivery of quality candidates while always learning.
Holly lacks a mobile app, in-house integration, live chat support, open API, customizable outreach templates, and clarity on spam detection, and is limited to the English language, requiring dependency on LinkedIn and Slack for functionality.

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Holly Use Cases

Holly creates a vetted list of candidates

Holly engages with candidates on your behalf

Holly learns from your feedback

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