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Revolutionize your organization with AI-assisted recruiting. Create job descriptions, interview questions, and more. Sign up free, no card needed.

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What is Hire Hoc?

Hire Hoc is an innovative AI-powered hiring tool that aims to revolutionize the recruitment process. With its advanced technology, it automates and simplifies the hiring workflow for organizations. By utilizing Hire Hoc, businesses can enhance the quality of their hires while simultaneously minimizing recruitment costs.



Pros VS Cons

Hire Hoc offers an array of features including automated recruitment workflow, job description and interview question generators, project organizer, API integration, and customizable options, improving the recruitment process and reducing costs.
However, there are limitations in job description and interview question generation, 24/7 support is only available through email, privacy concerns with cookie-based information storage, it requires integration with other systems, lacks a mobile app, and custom features are only available for scale-ups, with the free trial limited to one month.

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Hire Hoc FQA

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Hire Hoc Use Cases

Automatically identifies the skills required to build a project

Generate comprehensive interview questions with AI

Quickly create job descriptions with AI-based technology

Organize your job descriptions, interview questions and more

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