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Discover buyer intelligence with Humantic AI - understand your customers, their decision-making process, and what truly drives them. Boost your sales intelligence now.

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What is Humantic AI?

Humantic AI is a powerful buyer intelligence platform that utilizes personality AI to enhance sales team performance. By offering personalized interactions, improved prospect engagement, and increased deal closures, Humantic AI empowers sales teams to excel. This innovative platform harnesses personality insights to deliver authentic personalization, enabling sales teams to gain a deeper understanding of their buyers.



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Humantic AI Use Cases

Humantic AI is a Buyer Intelligence platform for revenue teams. Top revenue teams use Humantic's Personality AI to identify early adopters, help their BDRs personalize outreach and enable their AEs with vital customer insights for every deal.

Humantic AI is the only AI tool that focuses on buyers, providing buyer intelligence to drive sales performance.

Humantic AI offers solutions for revenue teams, talent management, and product personalization.

The Humantic AI platform includes features such as the Personality AI Assistant, Personality AI Dashboard, Omnichannel Enrichment, Custom Integrations, 1-Click Personalization, and Personality AI Platform.

Humantic AI provides APIs for Personality AI, including Big 5 (OCEAN) assessment, personality insights for sales, DISC personality profile, and personality insights for hiring.

Companies of all sizes are adopting Buyer Intelligence to drive sales performance, with improvements in response rate, time to first engagement, and close rate.

Humantic AI has been featured in various publications and has received positive reviews from users.

Humantic AI offers a free trial and a demo for interested users.

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