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Streamline maritime operations with Maritess - the modern tracking system for marine professionals. Effortlessly manage vessels, personnel, and supplies with intuitive visualizations and powerful analytics.

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What is Maritess?

Maritess is a cutting-edge maritime service tracking system that simplifies the lives of marine professionals. This innovative platform allows you to effortlessly monitor all the vessels in your fleet, along with their associated documents, personnel, and supplies. Through its user-friendly visualizations and search capabilities, Maritess offers a comprehensive overview of your maritime operations at a glance. Additionally, it enables swift access to detailed information about any vessel in your fleet, such as its current location, route, crew details, and maintenance records. Moreover, Maritess empowers users with robust analytics, facilitating informed decision-making and ensuring smooth operations. With Maritess, marine professionals can gain invaluable insights, stay well-informed, and make efficient decisions.



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