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Elevate your online research and collaboration with Hypotheses. An innovative web annotation tool that adds notes, comments, and discussions to any webpage. Engage with content in a meaningful way.

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What is Hypotheses?

Hypotheses is a dynamic web annotation tool designed to enhance online engagement and collaboration. By providing a user-friendly platform, Hypotheses enables individuals to effortlessly add notes, comments, and other annotations to any webpage. As an open-source platform, it offers real-time research capabilities, fostering discussions and collaborations among users. With Hypotheses, users can swiftly interact with web content in a more meaningful and captivating manner. The ability to share annotations with others facilitates conversations and even initiates debates. With its intuitive features, Hypotheses empowers users to delve deeper into their research, think critically, and engage in discussions on subjects that are significant to them. Whether you are an avid researcher or someone seeking to elevate their online collaboration, Hypotheses is the ideal tool to take your endeavors to the next level.


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Hypotheses Use Cases

Use Hypothesis to annotate anything online with classmates, colleagues, or friends.

Annotate articles, websites, videos, documents, apps, and more – without clicking away or posting elsewhere.

Classrooms, coworkers, and communities can share ideas, ask questions, and respond to annotations.

Keep students engaged and connected with a seamless learning experience.

Create a new method of peer review and engagement for researchers and publications.

Share and discuss intriguing content with family, friends, and like-minded groups.

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