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Transform your home with AI-powered IACrea. Redesign in seconds, boost sales. Discover the future of home improvement now!

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What is IACrea?

IACrea is an innovative application that utilizes artificial intelligence to enable users to virtually decorate and stage homes. By uploading a photo of a room and selecting a preferred style, users can effortlessly generate a lifelike virtual projection of the space.



Pros VS Cons

IACrea offers quick and cost-effective room redecoration with multiple design styles, virtual visualization, selective area redecoration, and API support for developers, catering to both sellers and buyers.
However, it has limitations such as lower resolution photos, inconsistencies in designs, difficulties with wide angles, lack of specific furniture options, and potential delays with server downtimes, resulting in less than perfect results.

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IACrea Use Cases

Mettre en valeur son bien en le meublant

Se projeter pendant la visite d'un logement

Visualiser une pièce après travaux

S'inspirer et se donner des idées déco

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