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Transform architecture with Maket's generative design software, generating thousands of plans instantly. Empower architects, builders, and developers.

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What is Maket?

Maket is a powerful generative design software that offers architects, builders, and developers the ability to swiftly generate numerous architectural plans in no time. By harnessing the potential of generative AI, Maket brings a groundbreaking transformation to the design process. It automates the creation of residential floorplans, produces stunning 3D renders, and allows for limitless exploration of different architectural styles.


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Maket FQA

  • What is Maket's Plan Generator, and how does it work?icon plus
  • Can Maket's platform help me explore different interior and exterior design styles?icon plus
  • How can I use Maket to get information about materials, costs, and design options?icon plus
  • What is Maket's Regulatory Assistant, and how can it help me navigate zoning codes?icon plus
  • Can Maket help me with both the design and regulatory aspects of my architectural project?icon plus

Maket Use Cases

Automate residential floorplans and 3D renders

Explore limitless styles with generative AI

Facilitate automated floorplan generation

Customize design elements

Get expert guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities

Navigate zoning codes and regulations with ease

Generate hundreds of residential floorplan variations instantly

Specify room dimension and adjacency constraints

Export designs to .DXF format

Ask questions about materials, costs, and design options

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