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Boost productivity by 30% with Inkdrop, the AI meeting assistant that streamlines stakeholder management, tracks time and agenda, and generates meeting minutes and next steps.

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What is Inkdrop?

Inkdrop is a platform that utilizes AI and ChatGPT technology to enhance meeting efficiency. Its primary objective is to optimize communication and automate administrative tasks, resulting in a potential time-saving of up to 30% during meetings.


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Pros VS Cons

Inkdrop offers efficient meeting support, one-click conversation transcription, task and ticket generation, reduces meeting time by 30%, allows users to ask about past meetings, and is backed by an experienced team with strong partnerships, ultimately reducing the need for Slack messages.
Inkdrop is limited to video meetings, relies on ChatGPT, lacks multi-language support and task prioritization features, has no integration with email, relies on click actions, and has unclear data privacy policies.

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Inkdrop Use Cases

Inkdrop transforms your sketch into production grade deployed cloud architecture

Draw your architecture and we transform it into code to provision resources in your cloud account

Don't wait for resources to be created to notice you forgot that one permission

Create templates and import your custom terraform ressources onto our platform

Meet the Founders: Antoine Descamps (Cofounder and CEO) and Alberto Schillaci (Cofounder and CTO)

Partners that Believe in our Mission: The no-code cloud architecture platform

Contact, Privacy Policy, and Previous Products available on the Company website

Get In Touch: Book a Meeting, hello@inkdrop.ai, +41 76 423 2009

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