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Instantly generate personalized, high-quality cover letters in seconds with Instawrite. Our AI-powered service analyzes job requirements and your experience, saving you time and hassle. Apply to multiple companies effortlessly.

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What is Instawrite?

Instawrite is a web-based platform that utilizes advanced AI technology to generate personalized and persuasive cover letters and resumes tailored to suit each individual job application.



Pros VS Cons

Instawrite is an affordable online solution that generates personalized cover letters, improves job application efficiency, reduces hiring bias, and helps job seekers stand out with tailored applications, ultimately nurturing high-quality job offers.
However, it has limited distribution channels, lacks industry specificity, offline functionality, clear pricing, a mobile application, explicit recruiter perspective, and user tailoring, while the resume feature is still under development.

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Instawrite Use Cases

Supercharge your job hunt journey with Instawrite. We use AI to generate cover-letters/resume that help you stand out.

Your first cover letter is on us! Click on the 'Cover Letter' link to generate your first cover letter.

Buy credits to purchase cover letter generation. 1 credit gets you 1 cover letter.

Check your email to find the license key. If you have not received it, please check your spam folder.

Activate your license key to start using Instawrite and see your remaining credits.

Start generating the best AI powered cover letters and resume to stand out in your next job application.

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