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Transform text into captivating images with AI Photo - an intuitive text-to-image generator app. Create stunning photos and artworks offline, simply by describing your desired image.

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What is AI Photo?

IXEAU is a renowned company specializing in the development and publication of apps exclusively for macOS and iOS. Led by the talented Martin Lexow, their apps are meticulously designed to provide an array of functionalities and features that greatly enrich the user experience on Apple devices.



Pros VS Cons

AI Photo offers a wide range of features including automatic passport photo generation, facial detection technology, photo editing tools, and fast processing, resulting in high customer satisfaction and compliance-guaranteed photos.
However, it is limited to passport photos, relies heavily on facial detection, lacks an offline version, and has unclear data privacy measures, limited photo editing tools, and no batch processing capability.

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AI Photo FQA

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AI Photo Use Cases

Stable Diffusion · Text-to-Image

70,000+ Unicodes in your pocket

Spring & Easing Curve Editor

Desktop Camera Viewer

Visualize Your Keypresses

Mouse Highlighter & Magnifier

Colorful. Powerful. Wonderful.

Caffeine for macOS

Glyph & Emoji Finder

Rule of Three Calculator

Classic Window Behavior

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