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Stay connected effortlessly with Katch. Enjoy AI-powered Call Summaries, Smart Suggestions, and hassle-free scheduling. Perfect for busy individuals.

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What is Katch?

Katch is an AI call assistant that aims to enhance the purpose and efficiency of your calls. It allows you to make instant calls on any device, from anywhere. With its Call Link feature, you can effortlessly connect with both Katch users and non-users, eliminating the hassle of app downloads or account setups. By leveraging AI technology, Katch generates detailed call summaries, identifies actionable items, and offers insights into personal communication styles.


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Pros VS Cons

Katch offers automated scheduling, adaptive availability, and various features for efficient meeting management, including call summaries and action items generation, with continuous updates and multiple calendar integrations coming.
However, it is limited to Google Calendar integration, lacks a desktop version, may require frequent manual adjustments, has limited calendar integrations, and only supports one-to-one meetings, while also lacking explicit privacy for calls and an API, and being closed source.

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Katch FQA

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Katch Use Cases

Find me time to meet with John on Tuesday next week.

I'm meeting Anna on Wednesday at 3pm, please send us an invite.

Reschedule the meeting to 11am on Thursday this week.

Looping in Katch, my AI assistant to find time to connect.

Schedule a meeting with Jason at 10:00am every Tuesday.

Cancel the 12pm meeting as I'm no longer available that day.

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