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Unlock the power of data with Kinetica - a high-performance analytics platform. Accelerate data-driven decisions, analyze vast amounts of data with ease, and integrate analytics into applications effortlessly. Scale your analytics workloads and make real-time decisions with confidence.

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What is Kinetica?

Kinetica is a powerful analytics platform that businesses can use to enhance their decision-making process by leveraging data. With its combination of in-memory processing and user-friendly SQL interface, Kinetica allows users to quickly analyze and query large volumes of data. Additionally, Kinetica offers a wide range of APIs and SDKs, making it easy for developers to integrate analytics into their applications. The platform's high-speed GPU processing and distributed architecture enable businesses to scale their analytics workloads across multiple nodes, making it perfect for time-sensitive tasks like real-time fraud detection and decision-making. By utilizing Kinetica, businesses can tap into the full potential of their data, enabling them to better meet customer needs and seize market opportunities.


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Kinetica FQA

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Kinetica Use Cases

Real-time monitoring of airspace by the FAA using Kinetica for Air Domain Analytics

Ford uses Kinetica for Connected Car program to analyze sensors in real-time

SM Energy improves energy exploration with Kinetica by analyzing well and log data

Citi uses Kinetica for real-time trading by constantly recalculating complex financial metrics

T-Mobile optimizes networks with real-time analysis on Kinetica for better cell service

Kinetica converts natural language queries to SQL for faster and easier data analysis

Kinetica offers industry-leading performance compared to other databases

Kinetica combines time-series, spatial, and graph capabilities into a unified database

Kinetica provides the lowest possible latency for real-time analytics

Kinetica's innovative architecture allows for simpler data structures and lower compute costs

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