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LogRhythm: Intelligent cybersecurity solution for real-time threat detection, rapid incident response, and compliance automation. Protect your IT infrastructure with advanced analytics and powerful security features.

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What is LogRhythm?

LogRhythm is an intelligent cybersecurity solution that offers a comprehensive threat detection system, rapid incident response capabilities, and automated compliance processes. This platform allows organizations to monitor and secure their entire IT infrastructure in real-time, from the cloud to the endpoint. By utilizing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, LogRhythm can identify abnormalities in network traffic, user behavior, and system configurations, alerting administrators to potential threats before they escalate. Additionally, LogRhythm assists organizations in meeting their compliance requirements by automating auditing and reporting procedures. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive reporting and analytics features, and robust security capabilities, LogRhythm is a vital tool for any organization seeking to safeguard their IT infrastructure.


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LogRhythm Use Cases

LogRhythm Axon is a cloud-native SaaS SIEM platform that provides powerful security analytics, an intuitive analyst workflow, and simplified incident response. It enables seamless threat detection, investigation, and response in SaaS, self-hosted cloud, and on-prem environments.

LogRhythm SIEM is a self-hosted SIEM platform that helps organizations detect and remediate security incidents quickly and at a lower cost of ownership. It offers intuitive analytics, enhanced collection, and a seamless incident response workflow.

LogRhythm NDR provides 360-degree visibility to better protect your network. It monitors and analyzes network traffic to surface the most pertinent threats that attack outside the perimeter.

LogRhythm UEBA extends SIEM detection capabilities by using advanced analytics to monitor user behavior. It detects user-based anomalies and helps analysts prioritize findings for investigation and response.

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