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Unlock personalized shopping with Kinso AI - Fulfill customer desires effortlessly. Trained on customer reviews, no coding required. Experience the future now!

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What is Kinso AI?

What is Kinso? Kinso is the future of personalized shopping that empowers businesses to fulfill their customers' desires through the power of personalization. It is a platform that utilizes existing customer reviews to provide tailored shopping experiences. The best part is, no coding skills are required to implement Kinso into your business.



Pros VS Cons

Kinso AI offers advanced product filters, high search accuracy, a user-friendly design, and the ability to refine search results, with beta testing availability and integration with Create Next App and Playground platform.
However, it is currently in beta mode, lacks diverse platform compatibility, clear support options, a standalone application, multi-language support, and mentioned security measures, with a potentially biased search results and restricted advanced filter options.

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