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Discover yoursearch.ai - the ultimate search assistant. Instantly find the best Google results with our AI-powered chatbot. Get concise answers and know the sources behind them. Try it now!

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What is yoursearch.ai?

yoursearch.ai is an AI-powered search engine designed to facilitate internet research. It enables users to conveniently access search results without any intrusive advertising. Moreover, it offers enhanced search outcomes seamlessly within your preferred messenger platform.


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yoursearch.ai Use Cases

Now you can easily do your internet research with the AI search engine yoursearch. Use the search engine with new Messenger service and get your perfect answer without any advertising.

Better search results with yoursearch directly in your favorite messenger. No eternal scrolling like with Google, Ecosia or Bing. You now get links and entries you really need – summarized and in a few seconds. The results are ready to share with your family & friends! Try it out right now!

Discover the power of knowledge with the AI-powered search engine. Search directly with yoursearch and get only the most relevant and personalized results. You control what you want to see. Share your prompts on social media with #yoursearch and get a $5,000 reward for the coolest prompt. By the way, you can ask yoursearch how to do that.

Did you know that Google search illegally shows unrestricted porn images to millions of children, traumatizing them at the average age of 12? That’s why we offer yoursearch with youth protection. In addition, we offer the service “Login with yoursearch18+” to all websites with adult content, so they can include our simple age verification for free and get our lawyer seal of approval.

Finally meaningful search results, summarized and ad-free with yoursearch.

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