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Maximize your business potential with Konduit's powerful AI platform. Automate tasks, simplify processes, and gain valuable insights with real-time analytics. Scale your operations quickly and reach your goals with ease.

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What is Konduit?

What is Konduit?
Konduit is a powerful AI platform that helps businesses maximize their potential through advanced automation and analytics. With a comprehensive suite of AI tools, Konduit enables organizations to effectively manage operations, make informed decisions, and scale quickly. This user-friendly platform offers real-time analytics, data visualization, and automated tools to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Whether it's analyzing customer data, automating customer service, or optimizing operations, Konduit is the perfect flexible and customizable platform for businesses of all sizes.


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Konduit Use Cases

Tooling for building and deploying Machine Learning models faster

Running AI models (pytorch, tensorflow, keras, onnx) with DL4J Consulting

Support and services for enterprises working with DL4J and open source infrastructure

Executing models in various environments (cloud, on premise, edge, mobile) with kompile and konduit serving

Supporting the Open Source AI Ecosystem through the Eclipse Foundation

Enabling companies of any size to bring AI to market

Joining the Konduit community

Filling out an enquiry form to be contacted by a representative

Driving adoption of AI through the development of common open infrastructure and support for open source AI ecosystems

Projects supported by Konduit: Eclipse Deeplearning4j, Konduit Serving, Kompile

Social links to Konduit's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub profiles

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