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Transform customer and employee experiences with Kore.ai's Conversational AI technology. Deliver extraordinary interactions on voice and digital channels.

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What is Kore.ai?

Kore.ai is a company specializing in Conversational AI technology. They focus on enhancing customer and employee experiences through AI-optimized solutions. Their offerings include virtual assistants and process assistants, which utilize conversational AI to automate interactions in both front-office and back-office operations across multiple industries.



Pros VS Cons

Kore.ai offers a wide range of industry-specific products, extensive language support, and empowers non-technical users to develop solutions, while providing training resources and support from the Kore.ai team.
However, it has limited language support, an overload of features, lacks integration with a workflow engine, and lacks concrete pricing information, making it less user-friendly for non-tech individuals.

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Kore.ai Use Cases

Better Together - The Future of Intelligent Automation, Today

Dive into the findings of the '2023 Contact Center Agent Experience (AX) Benchmark Report.'

Kore.ai named a Leader in Gartner’s Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms Magic Quadrant 2023

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