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Transform your photos with Lazyeyefix Photo Editor - the ultimate AI-powered tool for correcting misaligned eyes. Designed by individuals with strabismus, it's fast, user-friendly, and delivers stunning results.

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What is Lazyeyefix Photo Editor?

Lazyeyefix Photo Editor is an innovative AI-driven solution designed to tackle the issue of misaligned eyes in photographs, specifically for people affected by strabismus, commonly referred to as lazy eye. Created by individuals who have personally dealt with this condition, this tool provides a quick and effortless method to rectify the misalignment of eyes in pictures.



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Lazyeyefix Photo Editor Use Cases

Fixes lazy eye in pictures: 100% automatically and free.

Remove a lazy eye 100% automatically in 5 seconds with one click

Took a great photo but you don't feel that confident about the lazy eye?

AI Eye Detection: The program uses AI to detect your face, then your eyes. In partial faces (zoomed in faces), it only looks for your eyes.

Lazy Eye Identification: The program then detects the misaligned eye, by looking for the %-age of sclera (white in your eye). So if the person in the image looks at the camera, it works best.

Eye Cloning: It then copies the non-misaligned eye, flips it horizontally, and copies it over the misaligned eye.

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The Lazyeyefix Photo Editor was made for people with strabismus - from people with strabismus. 💖


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