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Get instant contract interpretation and risk analysis with Legaliser. Our AI-driven feature identifies potential risks, ensuring you make informed decisions before signing.

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What is Legaliser?

Legaliser is an innovative contract analysis and drafting platform powered by AI. It assists individuals and businesses in comprehending and handling their contracts more effectively. By utilizing cutting-edge legal AI technology, Legaliser revolutionizes document processing, streamlining legal tasks for both professionals and the general public.



Pros VS Cons

Legaliser offers a wide range of features including quick contract upload, instant insights, risk analysis, anomaly detection, and personalized assistance, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for contract management and analysis.
However, it lacks key features such as a mobile app, real-time collaboration, multi-language support, and offline functionality, and also has limitations in contract drafting and insufficient customer support channels.

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Legaliser FQA

  • What is Legaliser and how does it work?icon plus
  • Can Legaliser help identify potential risks in contracts?icon plus
  • How does Legaliser evaluate the fairness of contract terms?icon plus
  • What pricing plans does Legaliser offer?icon plus
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Legaliser Use Cases

Upload and analyse contracts with Legaliser's AI legal assistant

Create new contracts swiftly with Legaliser's AI legal assistant

Evaluate the fairness of contract terms with AI-driven insights

Identify potential risks in contracts with Legaliser's AI

Spot unusual or non-standard clauses in contracts with Legaliser's legal AI technology

Legal AI solutions for small and medium-sized businesses without legal support

Legal AI solutions for large enterprises with complex contract needs

Legal AI solutions for startups and entrepreneurs without extensive legal experience

Legal AI solutions for individuals who need to analyze and understand contracts for personal or business purposes

Efficiently review and understand key clauses in contracts with Legaliser's AI legal analysis

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