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Boost contract drafting speed with AI-powered Spellbook. Get instant language suggestions for Microsoft Word contracts using GPT-3. Draft contracts 3x faster!

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What is Spellbook?

Spellbook is a cutting-edge platform that harnesses the power of GPT-3 and GPT-4 models to provide comprehensive contract language reviews and suggestions within Microsoft Word. This AI-powered tool is specifically engineered to streamline the contract drafting and reviewing process for lawyers and legal professionals, enabling them to work more efficiently.


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Pros VS Cons

The Spellbook software offers numerous advantages such as faster contract drafting, integration with Microsoft Word, detection of aggressive terms, suggestions for missing clauses, negotiation suggestions, instant drafting of new clauses, referencing world facts, and specialized language suggestions, making it a valuable tool for efficient and effective contract creation.
However, there are limitations to Spellbook, including its reliance on Microsoft Word, limited accessibility during early access, potential reliability issues with GPT-3 accuracy, lack of support for other languages, absence of an established reputation, potential data security concerns, limited customer support channels, lack of integration with other legal software, and the need for user feedback for fine-tuning.

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Spellbook FQA

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Spellbook Use Cases

Spellbook Reviews: Precise AI redlining for lawyers

Draft contracts 10x faster with AI

Trained on billions of lines of legal text, Spellbook suggests language for your contracts instantly

Instantly generate precise redlines

Close better deals, faster

Suggest language

Instantly draft new clauses and entire sections based on the context of your agreement

Detect aggressive terms

Immediately bubble up sneaky or unusual terms

List missing clauses & definitions

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