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Save time and resources with LexCheck, an AI-powered platform for legal professionals. Automate document review, identify issues, and track changes easily. Streamline your legal review process and ensure accuracy with LexCheck.

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What is LexCheck?

LexCheck is an AI-powered platform that helps legal professionals save time and resources by automating the review of legal documents and contracts. By utilizing LexCheck, users can ensure accuracy and minimize errors by easily identifying potential issues and making necessary changes. The platform also offers automated tracking of changes, allowing users to monitor the progress of their documents. With its user-friendly interface, LexCheck provides an intuitive and efficient experience, simplifying the legal review process and avoiding costly errors and time-consuming reviews. Additionally, LexCheck prioritizes security and reliability, ensuring that users' documents and information are protected. Legal professionals seeking to streamline the review process and enhance accuracy can benefit from LexCheck's automated document analysis and tracking, ultimately saving time and resources while improving efficiency.


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LexCheck Use Cases

LexCheck is a contract acceleration and intelligence platform that reviews contracts in minutes, helping deals close faster.

LexCheck Copilot is an AI-powered contract solution that revolutionizes the way you edit and review contracts. With Copilot’s instant on-screen feedback and optimized contract tools, you won’t miss a beat.

Reduce risk and ensure consistency by instantly catching omissions and errors.

No more switching between applications—keep all of your work inside Microsoft Word.

Streamline work and complete drafting, reviewing, and editing in less time.

Review commercial contracts in minutes.

Dramatically accelerate deal cycles.

Help business flow while minimizing risk.

Deliver scale across your legal processes.

Empower your team to move faster.

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