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Streamline project management with Linear. Stay organized and productive with features like project tracking, collaboration tools, and real-time task updates. Optimize workflows and meet deadlines.

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What is Linear?

Linear is a powerful project management solution that helps teams and businesses enhance their productivity and organization. It provides an array of features, such as project tracking, collaboration tools, timeline management, and real-time task updates. By utilizing Linear, users can establish customized workflows and pipelines, delegate tasks to team members, and break down complex projects into manageable to-do lists. Additionally, it enables users to monitor progress and gain valuable insights from project data, facilitating workflow optimization, bottleneck reduction, and identification of areas for improvement. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Linear is suitable for teams of any size. It allows teams to streamline their workflows, maximize efficiency, and successfully complete projects within set deadlines and budgets.


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Linear Use Cases

Streamline issues, sprints, and product roadmaps.

Powering the world’s best product teams.

Designed to the last pixel and engineered with unforgiving precision, Linear combines UI elegance with world-class performance.

Fly through your tasks with rapid-fire keyboard shortcuts for everything. Literally everything.

Built for speed with 50ms interactions and real-time sync.

Comes with built-in workflows that create focus and routine.

Create tasks in seconds, discuss issues in context, and breeze through your work in views tailored to you and your team.

Switch between list and board layout to view work from any angle.

Quickly apply filters and operators to refine your issue lists and create custom views.

Cycles focus your team on what work should happen next. A healthy routine to maintain velocity and make meaningful progress.

Plan visually, collaborate in cross-team projects, and make better decisions with progress insights and project updates.

Keep everyone up-to-date on the health and progress of projects.

From customer support integrations to powerful Git automations, Linear streamlines the entire product development process.

Built for the future. Available today.

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