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Meet Lively: Your all-in-one virtual assistant for effortless productivity. Simplify your daily tasks, save time, and stay organized with its intuitive interface and powerful features. Get more done with Lively!

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What is Lively?

Lively is an innovative virtual assistant that aims to enhance your daily life. This powerful tool is designed to streamline various tasks, such as appointment scheduling and email communication. By consolidating all your information and services in one convenient location, Lively ensures easy access and organization. Utilizing advanced natural language processing, you can simply ask Lively questions or express your desires, and it will comprehend your needs. Additionally, Lively offers task automation and reminder creation, simplifying the management of your daily responsibilities. By utilizing Lively, you can optimize your time and maintain high levels of productivity. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it an indispensable tool for individuals seeking to accomplish more.


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Lively FQA

  • What is Hoshi Kara Chan NFT?icon plus
  • Who designed Hoshi Kara Chan?icon plus
  • Will there be other avatar designs?icon plus
  • Are you real?icon plus
  • Why is the avatar artwork not a realistic human or anime character?icon plus

Lively Use Cases

Create your own AI live streamer

Learn state-of-the-art conversational AI

Support a pioneering conversational AI startup

Influence the future of a no-code development platform for AI live streamers

Mint here in mid-December

Unique avatar appearance and personality (language & dialog models)

Ability to train and deploy your custom AI live streamer

Account on lively.ai for no-code custom language and dialog models (Japanese, English)

Resold tokens retain the personality and customizations created by previous owners

Creative and commercial rights for your Hoshi Kara Chan (for as long as you keep the NFT)

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