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Discover Locus: Revolutionizing CTRL + F with natural language search. Find information effortlessly on webpages like never before. Experience search like never before.

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What is Locus?

Locus is an innovative search tool, known as smart CTRL+F, that enables users to effortlessly retrieve information from web pages using natural language. By comprehending users' search queries, Locus efficiently assists in locating specific sections within lengthy papers, documents, and articles, offering highly relevant results.



Pros VS Cons

Locus offers a range of features including web page search, natural language processing, and support for long documents, enhancing productivity and providing immediate access to new features, making it a time-saving tool for finding relevant information even without exact keywords or for fast reading of dense papers.
Locus has limited free searches, lacks support for iOS and mobile devices, does not provide live video search, and is yet to introduce PDF search, only supporting website search and lacking multi-language feature and open-source access, with uncertain support response time and missing advanced search filters.

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Locus FQA

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Locus Use Cases

Quickly find information on any web page using natural language.

Refer back to sections in long papers, documents, and articles by using natural language instead of having to remember exact keywords.

Locus will soon support search across PDFs and even videos. Save time comprehending these long forms of content. Get started today for first-access upon release.

I read the news every morning before work and I need to do so fast. Locus has helped me figure out what parts of each article I should spend my time on.

Reading through dense papers every week for my lab has become more manageable with Locus.

My class' physics textbook is online so this tool makes it easy to refer back to sections I just read without needing to sift through all the CTRL+F matches.

Choose how you want to access Locus.

Unlimited searches

Web page support

Save time reading. Enhance your productivity.

Reach out with feedback, questions, support requests and business inquiries. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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