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Experience the power of MailBunny.ai, your AI-powered email assistant. Summarize, collaborate, and brainstorm effortlessly with ChatGPT. No apps or plugins required!

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What is MailBunny.ai?

MailBunny.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered email assistant designed to simplify email management and collaboration. With MailBunny.ai, you can effortlessly handle and work together on emails. This innovative tool offers features such as summarizing lengthy emails, streamlining content collaboration, and even providing brainstorming assistance. Accessible through email, MailBunny.ai ensures convenience and availability at all times, no matter where you are.


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MailBunny.ai Use Cases

Summarize long emails, collaborate on content and brainstorm new ideas with an AI powered assistant always reachable via email.

Shorten a long email while preserving all the key points or forward your newsletters to get a summary as they come to your inbox.

Easily collaborate on existing threads by simply forwarding them to MailBunny. Brainstorm new ideas by starting a new conversation with Mailbunny.

No need to install apps, browser plugins or give full access to all your email, your data will not be remembered by the AI model

All your conversations are saved in your inbox, searchable, and organized by email threads

Access to chat@mailbunny.ai and summary@mailbunny.ai with 10 replies during the free trial period

Access to chat@mailbunny.ai and summary@mailbunny.ai with 100 email replies monthly for $1.99/month

Access to chat@mailbunny.ai and summary@mailbunny.ai with 1000 email replies monthly for $7.99/month, process up to 20 pages of text per email, and early access to future beta features

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