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Get concise summaries of web articles with Gimme Summary AI, a free Chrome extension powered by ChatGPT. Enjoy privacy, keyboard shortcuts, and 100% free usage!

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What is Gimme Summary AI?

Gimme Summary AI is a Chrome extension that provides free article summarization using ChatGPT AI. By leveraging a neural network model trained on extensive text data, it generates concise summaries of web articles.



Pros VS Cons

Gimme Summary AI is a free and privacy-friendly chrome extension that is easy to install, does not collect data, and offers straightforward use with a neural network and GitHub source code available, while also providing a keyboard shortcut for launch and accessibility to the creator for feedback.
However, the extension is limited to only working on Chromium-based browsers, requires Brave specific settings, lacks compatibility with Firefox and Safari, lacks mobile support, and does not offer offline functionality.

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Gimme Summary AI FQA

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Gimme Summary AI Use Cases

Use Gimme Summary AI to summarize articles on the web using ChatGPT AI

Download the free Gimme Summary extension from the Chrome Web Store

Works in all Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge

Works on all sites

100% free and privacy friendly

Install the Gimme Summary extension from the Chrome Web Store and click the extension icon to open the Summary window

Hit the Generate Summary button to generate a summary

To use Gimme Summary AI, create a free account on chat.openai.com

Set a keyboard shortcut to launch the Gimme Summary AI extension

To make Gimme Summary AI work on Brave browser, disable the 'Prevent sites from fingerprinting me based on my language preferences' setting

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