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Transform your online meetings with Mentimeter. Engage your audience with interactive polls, quizzes, and surveys in real-time. Collect anonymous feedback and ensure everyone is on the same page. Make your meetings more engaging and productive with Mentimeter.

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What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is a dynamic presentation platform that enhances online meetings, lectures, and workshops. It fosters active participation by transforming passive audiences into engaged contributors. By utilizing Mentimeter, you can create captivating presentations with interactive polls, quizzes, and surveys that can be instantly shared with your audience. Additionally, the platform enables you to gather immediate feedback from participants and view real-time results, ensuring everyone is aligned. Privacy is upheld as all responses remain anonymous, creating a secure space for individuals to express their thoughts. With its user-friendly interface and robust analytics, Mentimeter is the ideal tool for enhancing the productivity and interactivity of your online meetings.


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Mentimeter Use Cases

Join a presentation

Make teaching count

Gain valuable insights with Word Clouds, Polls, and Quizzes

Work effectively in meetings, workshops, and team training

Create an inclusive environment for students

Build an immediate connection with your audience

Create interactive experiences with voting, questions, and interaction

Use a wide range of interactive slides to engage your audience

Build impressive slide decks, craft insightful icebreakers, and find creative ways to engage your audience

Millions of voices have already been heard

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