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Boost engagement with SiteGPT, the AI-powered chatbot that delivers instant personalized responses to your website visitors' queries. Try it today!

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What is SiteGPT?

SiteGPT is a revolutionary platform that enables website owners to effortlessly develop their own AI chatbot specifically tailored to their website content. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, the chatbot promptly responds to visitors' inquiries and delivers personalized support, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.



Pros VS Cons

SiteGPT offers personalized and code-free chatbot creation, improving website user experience and enhancing customer service, with affordable pricing and no technical expertise required.
However, it has limitations such as training only on website content, no multilingual support or advanced analytics features, limited customization options, and no offline mode or third-party integrations.

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SiteGPT Use Cases

Instantly answer your visitors' questions with a personalized chatbot trained on your website content.

Creating the chatbot trained on your own content is now as easy as clicking a button.

Enter your website URL. We will automatically fetch all the pages on your website and show them to you.

Select the pages you want the chatbot to train on and click on Start Training.

You now have your own chatbot that can answer anything related to your website content.

Create your own AI chatbot with no code and watch it learn from your website content in real-time.

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