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Discover a world of media content with Meru. Stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more hassle-free. Enjoy personalized recommendations, watchlists, and the latest releases. No ads or subscription fees. Access media on your terms.

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What is Meru?

Meru is a cutting-edge online service that grants users effortless access to an extensive collection of media content. Through Meru, users can conveniently stream a variety of media, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. The user-friendly interface of Meru simplifies the process of searching for specific titles or exploring the vast assortment of media available. Furthermore, Meru offers several features to enhance the user experience, such as personalized recommendations, watchlists, and parental controls. Additionally, Meru consistently updates its library with the latest releases, ensuring that users never miss out on the content they desire to watch. With Meru, users can indulge in a wide range of media without any interruptions from advertisements or the burden of subscription fees. Meru is an ideal solution for individuals seeking an effortless and cost-effective means of accessing a diverse range of media content.


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Meru FQA

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Meru Use Cases

Upgrade Your Travel Agency: Offer your clients a collection of innovative ancillaries that differentiate your agency and drive revenue growth.

Freeze a Fare: Lock in the price of a fare with Meru for up to seven days. If the fare rises, we'll cover the difference (up to $300).

Refund Anytime: Allow your travelers to refund their tickets anytime, for any reason. Coming Soon.

Disruption Prediction: Tell your customers which flights are most likely to be delayed or cancelled, so they can book fares that fit their schedule. Coming soon.

Price Drop Guarantee: Predict and report which flights are likely to be delayed or cancelled so your travelers can make better decisions.

Price Modelling: Predict how prices will change over time and provide recommendations on when to buy.

Offset Emissions: Inform travelers about the CO2 emissions of their chosen itinerary and offer them a way to purchase carbon offsets, all within your website.

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