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Enhance AI performance and compliance with Monitaur. Audit, track, and record real-time outcomes effortlessly. Integrate with every team for optimal results.

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What is Monitaur?

Monitaur is a comprehensive AI governance software platform designed to assist organizations in effectively managing and overseeing the entire lifecycle of their AI systems. By offering a comprehensive risk management solution, Monitaur enables businesses to efficiently record, monitor, govern, and audit their AI technologies, thereby ensuring the assurance of machine learning processes.



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Monitaur FQA

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Monitaur Use Cases

Creating responsible AI is a business problem, not just a tech problem

Mitigate AI risk and leverage your full potential with Monitaur's platform

Turn AI governance frameworks into actionable practices at scale

Document the lifecycle of your AI journey on one platform

Monitaur provides a single source of truth for honest AI

Trusted by communities, policy makers, and confident investors

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