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Mood AI by Mindset

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Track your mood with Mood AI by Mindset. Get personalized support based on your emotions. Simply choose an emoji and describe how you're feeling.

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What is Mood AI by Mindset?

Mindset is a user-friendly self-care application that provides a wide range of genuine and personal audio collections from renowned artists and influential individuals. Its primary objective is to simplify and make self-care and wellness more accessible to users by offering an authentic platform for storytelling and sharing experiences.



Pros VS Cons

Mood AI by Mindset offers a wide range of exclusive and therapeutic audio content from experts and celebrities, fostering personal growth, mental wellness, and daily self-care in a supportive global community.
However, it lacks desktop access, offline availability, text versions for audios, personalization features, diverse expert content, language options, and comprehensive community interaction and progress monitoring tools.

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Mood AI by Mindset FQA

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Mood AI by Mindset Use Cases

Mindset makes daily self-care and wellness easy, accessible, and a priority for people worldwide through authentic storytelling and story sharing.

Access hours of impactful audio content from your favorite artists through Mindset's Celebrity Mindsets feature.

Join an intimate community and connect with other Mindset members.

Practice self-care and wellness with the Daily Check-In feature, a quick and easy 5-minute routine.

Share your experiences and feelings with others through the Daily Reflections feature.

Get expert guidance and tools to support your mental wellness through Mindset's Expert-Led Content.

Start your day with a daily dose of inspiration through the Daily Quotes feature.

Connect with members of the Mindset community from all over the world through the Discord Community.

Improve your mental and emotional health, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase self-awareness and self-confidence with Mindset.

Access exclusive celebrity content and personalized features with a paid subscription to Mindset.

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