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Discover a new world with Mozilla Hubs - the immersive VR platform for creating and exploring 3D spaces. Connect with loved ones, host virtual events, and collaborate in real-time. No special hardware required. Start connecting today!

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What is Mozilla Hubs?

Mozilla Hubs is an innovative virtual reality platform that allows users to create and explore immersive 3D spaces. It is the perfect solution for connecting with friends and family from anywhere in the world. With Mozilla Hubs, hosting virtual events like workshops, classes, or virtual parties has never been easier. No special hardware is required, as all you need is a web browser on your computer or virtual reality headset. The platform offers customization options, allowing users to personalize their space with interactive elements, such as 3D objects, audio, and video. Collaboration in real-time is also possible, as you can invite others to join your space and work together. Mozilla Hubs prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for sharing your space with others. Stay connected and bring people together in the virtual world with Mozilla Hubs.


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Mozilla Hubs FQA

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Mozilla Hubs Use Cases

Use Mozilla Hubs to unlock the power of 3D immersive worlds for teams, organizations, and educators.

Connect from your phone, computer, or headset with no software download needed.

Customize your virtual space with pre-made environments and avatars, or create your own.

Ensure privacy with Mozilla Hubs as your personal data is never collected and you control access to your worlds.

Engage in virtual meetings, workshops, and collaborative sessions in custom digital spaces designed for elevated engagement.

Shape expansive digital spaces that foster meaningful connections within or outside of your organization.

Deliver engaging educational experiences and transform traditional classrooms with Mozilla Hubs.

Choose from different pricing plans to kickstart your XR journey, design personal hubs, or customize for increased engagement.

Join thousands of innovators building with Mozilla Hubs.

Sign up for updates on what's new with Hubs and stay informed about the latest news, updates, and product offerings.

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