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Keep your online conversations flowing smoothly with ChatGPT Auto Refresh. Say goodbye to interruptions and network errors, as this service ensures uninterrupted and seamless conversations. Set up and use this easy solution for an improved user experience.

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What is ChatGPT Auto Refresh?

Discover the ultimate solution for seamless online conversations with ChatGPT Auto Refresh. Say goodbye to network errors and interruptions caused by Cloudflare checks. This innovative service automatically refreshes your ChatGPT sessions, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. Experience the ease of uninterrupted conversations with friends, family, and colleagues, as ChatGPT Auto Refresh keeps your messages flowing effortlessly. Setting up and using this service is a breeze, guaranteeing an enhanced user experience that keeps your conversations running smoothly at all times.



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ChatGPT Auto Refresh FQA

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ChatGPT Auto Refresh Use Cases

Keeps ChatGPT sessions fresh to avoid network errors + Cloudflare checks

Removes 10-minute time limit from conversations (when Chat History is disabled)

Get rid of annoying Cloudflare checks

Get rid of annoying ChatGPT network errors

Safe - No unnecessary account-related requests sent

Lightweight - Very little code used, only what's necessary (keep session alive) saving memory

Time-saver - No more constant copy/paste/refresh just from minutes of inactivity!

Works even in background tabs!

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