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Save and organize everything that matters in your own personal space with MyMind. Simple, beautiful design for a seamless user experience. Keep your thoughts private and focus on what brings you joy.

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What is MyMind?

mymind is an innovative tool designed to enhance your cognitive abilities. It serves as a secure digital repository for storing your invaluable notes, images, quotes, and highlights. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, mymind aids in seamless recall, eliminating the hassle of manual categorization and organization.


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Pros VS Cons

MyMind offers a private, secure, and intuitive platform with a variety of content storage options, supporting user freedom and promoting less time spent on categorization and tools.
However, it lacks collaboration, social features, multi-user support, manual tagging, vanity metrics, a folder system, integrations with external tools, and has a limited indexing system.

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MyMind FQA

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MyMind Use Cases

Save and find quotes & highlights that inspire you.

Create instant, boundless visual moodboards.

Write without distractions.

Collect all your research & references in one place.

Your private resource & reference hub.

A place for everything you want to remember.

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