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Get creative and find the perfect name for your company or product with Naming Magic. Our AI-powered tool, GPT-3, generates unique and available domain names. Try it now!

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What is Naming Magic?

Naming Magic is an innovative AI tool designed to assist you in discovering the ideal name for your business along with a compatible domain. By harnessing the power of advanced natural language technology, particularly GPT-3, this tool generates imaginative and pertinent name recommendations by analyzing your product description and chosen keywords.



Pros VS Cons

Naming Magic generates company names, suggests domain names, and supports messaging founders, making it an ideal tool for early-stage startups and facilitating creative thinking.
However, it lacks a trademark check, linguistic filter, industry targeting, multilingual support, user interface customization, name categorization, and offline access, and it doesn't reserve chosen names, which may affect the quality and suitability of the generated names.

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Naming Magic Use Cases

Use case 1: Generate company names for startups

Use case 2: Find available domain names for company names

Use case 3: Assist in brainstorming sessions for naming products or services

Use case 4: Provide suggestions for naming a new business venture

Use case 5: Help entrepreneurs save time and effort in naming their companies

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