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Transform your business with Neu.ro, the AI-driven platform that streamlines operations and enhances customer experiences. Automate customer service, marketing tasks, and gain powerful analytics to optimize operations. Leverage social media integration to reach new customers and deliver superior service. Save time, money, and resources.

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What is Neu.ro?

Neu.ro is an AI-driven platform that aims to optimize business operations and enhance customer experiences. By utilizing advanced technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, our service offers a range of powerful tools. These tools automate customer service and marketing tasks, resulting in increased customer engagement and streamlined operations. With Neu.ro, businesses can efficiently build, deploy, and manage applications that automate tasks like customer segmentation, customer support, and marketing campaigns. Our platform also provides robust analytics, enabling businesses to track customer behavior and optimize their operations accordingly. Moreover, Neu.ro seamlessly integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing businesses to leverage their existing networks and effectively reach new customers while engaging with existing ones. By utilizing our AI-driven platform, businesses can save valuable time, resources, and money while delivering exceptional customer service and experiences.


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Neu.ro Use Cases

Neu.ro GPT Solution Complete solution for your GPT-like services and AI models training and inference Discover the cutting-edge AI training, fine-tuning and inference service from Neu.ro, leveraging the power of atNorth and Cato green infrastructure. This cost-effective and eco-friendly solution offers unparalleled performance, bundled with the Neu.ro platform for seamless integration. Learn more

The Complete Bare Metal ML and AI Colocation Solution Your customers are ingesting data, training models, and leveraging this information to create competitive advantages for their business. Don’t let all of this data stray into the cloud! Neu.ro’s software platform manages your tenant’s entire data training and machine learning lifecycle. Neu.ro focuses on the infrastructure, so your tenant’s data scientists can focus on the models.

Neu.ro for CSPs Neu.ro’s OEM AI Cloud is the AI stack required for Cloud Service Providers to capture AI workloads and stop client migration to hyperscale cloud providers. Data science teams demand more than bare- metal GPUs to succeed – they need full-fledged AI development environments, seamless integration with their on-prem environments and MLOps expertise. Neu.ro installs all of this on top of your existing GPUs, in as little as 7 days.

MLOps Platform for Enterprise Right out of the box, Neu.ro spins up a full-fledged ML development environment with all the tools you need at your fingertips. Neu.ro provides management and automation of the infrastructure and processes for successful ML development at scale. Our team seamlessly stitches your on-prem and cloud resources, deploys pipelines and integrates your open-source and commercial development tools.

Neu.ro GPT solution Unlock the full potential of GPT-like services and AI model training and inference with a comprehensive solution from Neu.ro. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of our AI training, fine-tuning, and inference service, powered by the state-of-the-art atNorth and Cato green infrastructure. This environmentally-friendly solution not only delivers unmatched performance but also offers cost-effective benefits, all seamlessly integrated with the Neu.ro platform. Discover a complete solution that combines innovation, sustainability, and efficiency for your AI needs.

ML Solutions & Consulting Building successful Machine Learning solutions is hard. You don’t have to go it alone. Neu.ro’s ML Solutions team has completed dozens of successful engagements with enterprise, AI-product companies and governments around the world. With over 170 published papers in ML/DL and accolades from major AI conferences, Neu.ro delivers cutting-edge solutions across the spectrum of ML technologies.

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