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Neuralangelo by NVIDIA

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Create stunning and accurate 3D models effortlessly with Neuralangelo by NVIDIA. Ideal for professionals and researchers, this AI-powered platform uses deep learning to reconstruct objects from photos and videos. No prior 3D modeling knowledge needed.

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What is Neuralangelo by NVIDIA?

Neuralangelo, developed by Nvidia, is an innovative AI-powered platform that revolutionizes 3D reconstruction. With its deep learning-based system, users can effortlessly generate lifelike 3D models from photographs and videos. This user-friendly platform offers intuitive controls and robust 3D modeling tools, enabling the creation of intricate models with minimal effort. The output is a remarkable collection of precise 3D models applicable in various fields, including product design and virtual reality. Targeted towards professionals and researchers, Neuralangelo by Nvidia provides a reliable and efficient solution for producing top-notch 3D models. It caters to designers, architects, researchers, and anyone seeking to craft captivating 3D scenes. Moreover, it is an ideal choice for individuals without prior experience or knowledge in 3D modeling, as it allows quick and accurate model generation from existing visual assets.


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Neuralangelo by NVIDIA FQA

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Neuralangelo by NVIDIA Use Cases

Neuralangelo by NVIDIA is an AI model that can reconstruct 3D scenes using neural networks. It can generate lifelike virtual replicas of buildings, sculptures, and other real-world objects. Creative professionals can use these 3D structures in design applications, video game development, robotics, and industrial digital twins.

Neuralangelo can accurately capture textures of complex materials, such as roof shingles, glass panes, and smooth marble, from 2D videos. This makes it easier for developers and creative professionals to create usable virtual objects for their projects.

The model uses instant neural graphics primitives to capture finer details and textures. It selects several frames from a 2D video captured from different viewpoints and creates a rough 3D representation of the scene. It then optimizes the render to sharpen the details, resulting in a high-fidelity 3D object or scene.

Neuralangelo will be presented at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), where NVIDIA Research will showcase nearly 30 projects, including pose estimation, 3D reconstruction, and video generation.

Another project by NVIDIA Research, called DiffCollage, uses diffusion methods to create large-scale content, such as landscape images and looped-motion videos. It can also transform text prompts into video sequences.

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