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Effortlessly curate engaging newsletters with Newsblok. Handpick articles and resources while browsing the web to create professional content like The Rundown or Morning Brew. Start curating today!

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What is Newsblok?

Looking to create professional newsletters? Look no further than Newsblok. This handy extension allows you to effortlessly curate newsletter-ready content by handpicking articles, blogs, and resources while you browse the web. Whether you're an individual or a business, Newsblok empowers you to generate engaging newsletters similar to popular ones like The Rundown or Morning Brew. The process is simple: as you conduct online research, easily select the most relevant and captivating pieces using the Newsblok extension. Seamlessly integrated with your web browser, it enables you to swiftly add chosen articles and resources to your curated collection. With just a few clicks, you can curate a diverse range of topics, ensuring your newsletter appeals to a wide audience.



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Newsblok Use Cases

Newsblok is a powerful Chrome extension that helps newsletter writers curate and format content more efficiently. With Newsblok, you can easily generate a newsletter in seconds.

Newsblok allows you to create visually appealing and engaging newsletters in a matter of seconds. You can seamlessly curate content from the web and instantly generate a newsletter.

Newsblok empowers you to level up your newsletter game by providing personalized, AI-generated content. It enables you to publish newsletters more frequently, whether you currently publish monthly or weekly.

With Newsblok, you can increase your brand authority by consistently delivering valuable content to your audience. It helps you establish yourself as a brand authority, build trust, and engage with your audience.

Newsblok offers simple pricing plans for every budget, allowing you to supercharge your publishing schedule. Whether you choose the free plan, the Pro plan, or the Lifetime deal, Newsblok provides powerful features to enhance your newsletter workflow.

Newsblok seamlessly integrates with popular email newsletter services like Mailchimp, Substack, and Beehiv. You can easily copy and paste your generated newsletter content into these platforms and leverage their features and analytics.

Newsblok's auto pilot mode generates a daily newsletter automatically based on the bookmarks or blocks you save. It takes the hassle out of manual content curation and enables you to publish newsletters regularly without investing excessive time and effort.

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