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NextBrain AI: Unleash the power of No-Code Machine Learning! Accessible to all with GSheets and Web-App. Actionable insights, fast & accurate, and seamless connectivity. Get started with FREE examples for students/beginners.

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What is NextBrain AI?

NextBrain AI is a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) effortlessly. By eliminating the need for coding, it offers user-friendly machine learning tools. With a focus on no-code machine learning, ML models, generative AI, and marketing mix modeling, NextBrain AI empowers businesses to harness the power of AI effectively.



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NextBrain AI Use Cases

Use NextBrain AI to create machine learning models directly from Google Sheets data

Train machine learning models using data from Dataslayer API

Connect NextBrain AI with MySQL, MariaDB, and other data sources

Automatically generate dashboards with reports after training your model

Share models with your team using Workspaces

Use NextBrain AI for diabetes prediction in healthcare applications

Model and understand energy losses in buildings for energy efficiency

Model and understand Li-ion battery aging to optimize performance

Simulate the impact of different marketing channels on ROI with Marketing Mix Modeling

Access clear explanations and actionable insights from NextBrain AI's machine learning processes

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