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Enhance relaxation, focus, and sleep with Noisli's customizable soundscapes. Create the perfect environment with rain, thunderstorms, waves, and more. Try it today!

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What is Noisli?

Noisli is a leading service that offers a diverse range of soundscapes to enhance relaxation, focus, and sleep quality. With an extensive collection of natural sounds such as rain, thunderstorms, wind, birdsong, and waves, Noisli allows users to personalize their own background soundscape. By combining different noises and adjusting volume levels, individuals can create an ideal auditory environment tailored to their specific needs. Whether seeking relaxation, concentration, or improved sleep, Noisli provides the perfect soundscape solution. The user-friendly interface enables easy customization and saving of favorite soundscapes for future use. Discover the advantages of a calming soundscape by trying Noisli today. Boost productivity, unwind, or achieve better sleep with ease.


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Noisli Use Cases

Mix different ambient noises and create your perfect soundscape for work, sleep and relax.

High-quality soothing background noises, like rain, ocean, brown noise and white noise sounds, to help mask loud noises, reduce stress, improve focus and productivity.

Ambients sounds for focus, sleep and relaxation

Noisli offers free online background noises enabling you to create your own soothing soundscapes for work, study or sleep. Noisli can help to mask loud noises such as traffic, airplane or office noise, reduce stress, improve focus and create a relaxing environment for relaxation and sleep.

Noisli offers high-quality ambient noises such as rain, ocean, birds, wind, leaves, stream, lake, crickets, bonfire, thunder, and waterfall sounds, as well as white, pink, and brown noise, fan, coffee shop, cityscape, train, airplane, and washing machine sounds that you can mix and match as you like.

Noisli also offers curated playlists for noise masking, focus and concentration, study, writing, sleep, and relaxation as well as an online timer to help work in sessions and a distraction-free text editor.

Ambient noise, also known as background noise, can range from soothing natural sounds such as rain or ocean waves to the sound of a fan, brown noise, or white noise sounds. Silence and loud noises can disrupt and make us alert, while background noise is constant and predictable, keeping our inner alarm systems calm. Ambient noises are excellent for sound masking, reducing the negative impact of noise pollution and sudden spikes in noise. Since music with lyrics can distract us from tasks that involve writing or reading, the right amount of background noise can help create the ideal environment to enhance creativity, focus, and sleep. Listening to nature sounds, in particular, can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve cognitive performance, enhance mood, and contribute positively to personal well-being.

Noisli is available on Web, as a Chrome Extension and on mobile for iOS and Android. Check the available features on the respective platform.

Join more than a million other people around the world that use Noisli to keep them sane in such a buzzing world.

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